What is Abdominoplasty Surgery?

People who want to have a healthy body prefer to use methods that have appeared with the development of health conditions. Excess fat in the abdominal area which is caused by many reasons greatly bothers people. In addition, excess abdominal fat leads to excess skin production and sagging.

Thanks to technological advances in medicine and the technical materials produced, abdominoplasty surgery has been initiated. Laxity and sagging are removed through plastic surgery methods and people have a healthier and streamlined appearance. During a tummy tuck, a type of plastic surgery, excess fat in the abdomen and abdomen is removed and sagging and distortions are removed. Abdominoplasty surgery prices depend on the person’s body contours.

How is an abdominoplasty procedure performed?

Abdominal surgery is performed according to the results of the initial examination. The disfigured skin is removed from the incisions made in the lower abdomen all the way to the navel. The skin is stretched from the lower abdomen up. The abdominal muscles are tightened with the help of stitches with assembly properties.

Because aesthetic stitches are used during surgery, no-stitch marks form later. Excess fat that appears in the abdominal area during abdominoplasty surgery is removed by a fat removal method called liposuction. abdominoplasty surgery prices are calculated along with the lifting and liposuction procedures.

How long does an abdominoplasty procedure take?

Since each surgery has its own rules and stages, its duration also varies. The time taken for abdominoplasty surgery depends on the area of ​​the patient’s abdomen. The time required to cover a large area of ​​the abdomen, and a tummy tuck, along with procedures such as removing excess abdominal fat, covers a period of 3 to 4 hours. Abdominoplasty surgery prices vary depending on the duration of the surgery.

Abdominoplasty recovery period

After abdominoplasty, patients must be kept in the hospital for a certain period of time and then discharged from the hospital. Recovery after the surgery depends on how careful people are to act. After the operation, patients should wear a specially recommended corset. Painkillers prescribed by the doctor are used after the abdominoplasty operation. Three days after surgery, you can shower and move around. Full recovery takes 7 to 10 weeks. Abdominoplasty surgery prices vary depending on the quality of the materials used.

Before abdominoplasty operation

Patients go to the doctor’s office for an examination and the procedures to be performed are determined by the initial examination before the abdominoplasty operation. Examinations are done on how to remove excess lines and sagging skin and whether liposuction is needed. In addition, the patient must inform the doctor about the drugs used and stop taking these drugs before the operation. People should be informed about the prices of abdominoplasty surgery.

Pregnancy after abdominoplasty surgery

Many people who want to have an abdominoplasty have some concerns about the possibility of pregnancy after the surgery. It is not an operation that makes pregnancy difficult for people who want to get pregnant after a tummy tuck. After a period of time recommended by the doctor, a woman can get pregnant whenever she wants.

Sexual intercourse after Operation

Like any surgery, This surgery is a serious operation. For this reason, intercourse before full recovery after surgery causes health problems. Stitches can be damaged during intercourse. This can cause wounds to form and these wounds can become infected. A healthy recovery process ensures the success of the surgery. Having intercourse without fully recovering during this period raises many problems.

When does edema go away after a tummy tuck?

The swelling and edema that appear after surgery begin to decrease gradually after the first week. Edema completely disappears after 1 month.

Abdominoplasty Surgery

After the Operation

Patients must wear a special corset for a certain period after the abdominoplasty procedure. With the help of this corset, the body reaches the desired shape. Medications after surgery recommended by a doctor should be used in a controlled manner. After surgery, people return to normal lives and activities after the stitches dissolve.

Therefore, the first week after surgery is important for healing the stitches, and it is necessary to avoid difficult movements. Antibiotics prescribed by a doctor should be used to ward off any infections. It is necessary to visit a doctor for periodic examinations. If all these issues are taken care of, people who have undergone an abdominoplasty procedure can return to their normal lives and work within 10 weeks.

Operation prices

Abdominoplasty surgery is the medical term, and it s mostly preferred by women but also by men. this surgery prices vary depending on a person’s body structure.

Therefore, all procedures are taken into account when setting prices for abdominoplasty surgery. All considerations such as excess skin in the abdominal area, whether liposuction will be performed, the area covered by the abdominal area, which suture technique will be used, and muscle structure in the abdominal area are included in the price of abdominoplasty surgery. Moreover, the specialist doctor’s expertise and hospital health conditions also affect the price of abdominoplasty surgery.