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Beard Transplant Turkey

Beard transplantation in Turkey, it is possible that the beard may not grow in some parts of the face of men. This situation causes deformation of the face and negatively affects people. Beard transplantation is performed by surgeons who specialize in plastic and cosmetic surgery today with advanced technology.

With the transplant, facial deformities are eliminated and beard transplantation is completed in places where there is no beard or where it grows little. Thus, men feel better and psychologically relaxed. Beard transplant prices are determined in proportion to the problems experienced by the patient.

How is beard transplantation done?

It is a successful procedure performed by experts and experienced in beard transplantation. In order to get a good result, the beard and some hair follicles are examined first. As a result of the examination, hair follicles are taken from the back of the neck. The hairs are collected to create a natural-looking beard that is placed in the places where there is no beard on the face.

With this professional operation, no effects or symptoms appear. Beard loss can be local or experienced over the entire face. Therefore, the root numbers are determined in line with the operation to be performed and these root numbers are transferred in an appropriate manner.

Before and after beard transplant

Beard transplantation is applied to replace facial hair that does not grow in certain parts of the face due to problems such as hormonal disorders, genetics, injury, ringworm, and burns that men suffer from. Beard loss can be psychological or it can be caused by genetic factors. In addition, this problem can be partial or involve the whole face.

Beard transplant prices should be researched and procedures should take place in clinical settings. After beard transplantation, there may be some irritation in the area where the beard was transplanted. This is temporary and the beard begins to appear after a certain period of time. A natural look appears on the face within 1-2 weeks.

How are the grooves opened in beard transplantation?

Beard transplantation is done in order to remove distortions and get a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Beard transplantation is a gradual application. Therefore, all phases are carried out sequentially and in a controlled manner. The grooves are opened where the roots will be placed tightly one by one before the hair is taken from other parts of the body is placed in the beard area.

The angle of the openings is the most important component of beard transplantation. Therefore, the angle is very important in creating a natural image. Angles of 30-40 degrees horizontally are preferred for open channels during beard transplantation to give a natural look.

Consider a beard transplant

The patient has to follow some rules after beard transplantation. The area where the process is applied should not come into contact with water for a certain period of time. Especially after 3 days, the beard area should be cleaned first with lotion and then washed.

Products such as perfume and cologne should not be used in the area where the operation is being performed. Shaving should be done in a period such as one month after the operation. However, scissors should be preferred for shaving and the use of a machine should be avoided. Medicines given by the specialist should be used regularly and the patient should lie on his back during sleep.

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Comments from those who underwent a beard and mustache transplant

If the correct treatment methods are applied to the beard transplant prices and operations, it will be great satisfaction. Therefore, given the comments about beard and mustache transplantation, it is a 100% successful procedure if a good clinic and doctor are selected.

Thus, those who want to grow a beard and mustache will get the image they want if they comply with the examinations carried out before the operation and the points that must be taken into account after the operation. Thus, the main problems related to the beard experienced by men in the facial area are efficiently solved using the current technology.

Beard Transplant Procedure

Beard transplantation is a preferred procedure like the hair transplant method that is helping men now. This operation is preferred for the whole face or for localized deformities. Beard transplantation, a popular aesthetic application with the help of technological devices, is a preferred method for men to treat facial hair loss due to hormonal or genetic factors.

In addition, as a result of hair loss, which is common among men, beards completely disappear in some parts of the face. Therefore, beard transplantation is performed in these areas. Beard transplant prices can be expensive

Beard Transplant Tips

After knowing the prices of beard transplantation, those wishing to benefit from the procedure must have completed adolescence. A specialist can be consulted in each season for beard transplantation. However, it is necessary to protect the facial area from heat and cold during transplantation. After beard transplantation, it is necessary to follow the advice of the expert. Therefore, scissors should be used to shave a month after transplantation. It is essential to avoid tools such as razors and machines. Choosing a good doctor will make the beard transplant look more natural.

Beard Transplant Prices

Beard transplant prices are revealed after conducting research. Prices may vary from person to person or from clinic to clinic. Many factors are taken into account and evaluated by experts when setting prices. First, the person’s beard and mustache area is examined. The distortions can be partial or affect the whole face and thus affect the cost.

In addition, factors such as the experience of the doctor, the number of staff accompanying the doctor during the procedure, the level of difficulty of the transplant in terms of the practitioner, and the number of grafts to be transplanted are effective in beard transplant prices.