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The skin on the biceps is an area where sagging occurs over time and due to aging. Since sagging and sagging arms cause misery in people, an arm lift procedure is a lifesaver.

The treatment of this condition, especially in women, is a surgical procedure to remove sagging in the arm area by tightening the skin. The goal of this procedure is not to thin the arm, but to tighten the skin to eliminate sagging and sagging. The appearance of sagging skin on the arm is eliminated by arm lift surgery.

Why does arm skin sag?

Sagging and sagging arm skin is an aesthetic problem especially for women. Due to the aging process and the effect of gravity, laxity, and sagging in people’s arms, especially in the upper biceps, they create an aesthetically unattractive appearance. This aesthetic defect, which has become crucial to the body, is treated by arm lift surgery. Since these operations take a long time, they are performed under anesthesia. The patient does not feel anything.

Arm sagging and sagging problems, which usually appear in women over the age of forty, appear after weight gain and cause problems. Arm sagging, which occurs at a young age depending on the skin type, can be safely corrected with an arm lift.

Arm lift surgery costs are among the questions people think of when facing sagging and slouching. It is important to get information about the operation by scheduling an appointment in advance and to know the operation as well as to get answers to questions about the prices of chin plastic surgery.

How is the arm lift operation performed?

The arm lift procedure is performed in an operating room environment and under general anesthesia and should be performed by experienced physicians in a sterile environment. The procedure begins with making an L-shaped incision from the armpit to the elbow. Excess and sagging skin is removed and arm tension is restored.

In the event that the procedure performed during the examination is insufficient, the specialist doctor successfully completes the arm lift operation by adding additional methods. Adding the methods that may be required can lead to differences in the costs of arm lift surgery. Scarring is one of the most important questions people think about.

Since the incision is made, there is a possibility of scarring in the operation. However, whether this scar will fade or how much scar will be left depends entirely on the experience of the specialist performing the procedure.

How long does an arm lift procedure take?

The operation, which is performed for aesthetic and successful purposes, is completed in about one hour under general anesthesia under operating room conditions. The results of arm lift surgery are usually permanent. Although it is permanent, it may happen again in some cases, but it will be less noticeable than before.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia sometimes under local anesthesia if the patient is not suitable for anesthesia. While patients who underwent general anesthesia are discharged from the hospital the next day, those who have had local anesthesia can go home the same day after muscle surgery. It is important to obtain information prior to the operation because the standard of anesthesia will result in a different price for an arm lift operation to the patient.

What should be done before the arm lift operation?

As in every aesthetic procedure and operation, in this operation performed for arm sagging, examination by a specialist doctor and the patient’s suitability is important. Since the patient will be under anesthesia, all examinations must be done in detail before setting the day of the operation. It is important to be aware of the prices of arm plastic surgery during the detailed information stage.

What should be considered after arm lift operation?

The points that the patient must follow are transferred by the specialist doctor after the operation. First of all, a person must wear a corset for 10 days. The reason for using the corset is to reduce the swelling in the area where the arm lift was performed and to increase the effectiveness of the operation.

After 4-5 days, a person can return to their daily activities completely, while the stitches heal in 8-10 days. The patient should avoid strenuous work and exercise for 3-4 weeks. Swimming should be avoided for 3 weeks as well as sudden and excessive arm movements.

Edema that is considered normal may occur in the first two weeks after an arm lift operation and this is completely temporary. Usually, there is no need to repeat the operation after the operation. In this case, if the excess skin remains after the arm lift, which is not likely to recur, the arm lift procedure can be performed again.

What are the comments of those who underwent an arm lift?

Reviews of people who experienced sagging skin and underwent surgery are generally positive. Patients don’t have to hide their arms when they are over their aesthetic concerns. Although the scar problem is not on the agenda, people’s feedback is always positive. Performing the operation with high-quality materials in a safe environment without concerns about arm lift surgery prices ensures that the patient completes the operation without health complications.

What is the price of an arm lift?

In general, arm lift surgery prices vary according to some criteria. The center in which the patient will be treated, the method of treatment that will be applied, and other additional operations that will be performed, the experience and expertise of the doctor will create standards for arm lift surgery prices and cause differences.