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Breast augmentation in Turkey, when viewed from the outside, the chest is one of the important structures that complete the structure of a woman’s body. Chest deformities disturb people. Therefore, it is preferable to perform breast augmentation surgery, which is a surgical operation, in order to add volume to the breast and give a fuller appearance. Breasts appropriate to the size of a woman’s body make the body look more smooth and attractive.

Therefore, a small breast size negatively affects the appearance of the body. The breasts may be small or have an asymmetrical structure for various reasons. However, thanks to technological systems and materials developed today, it is possible to obtain an aesthetically desirable body structure. Breast augmentation costs are not covered by health insurance. Therefore, a certain budget must be allocated.

When is breast augmentation performed?

Breast augmentation operations differ according to the problems that the patient suffers from. Breast abnormalities can be hereditary or they can be caused by a disease such as cancer. Breast augmentation surgery can be preferred in any situation that causes discomfort to the person. Small breasts can also be psychologically distressing for a woman.

Therefore, the matter must be treated successfully after meeting with the plastic surgery department and obtaining the necessary information about the surgery. It is necessary during these interviews to seek information about breast augmentation prices.

Who should undergo breast augmentation?

Small breasts can lead to a loss of self-confidence in many women. Women feel uncomfortable if the breasts that complement the woman’s body are small and have a conditional appearance. With mammoplasty, the desired structure of the breasts gives a more attractive appearance.

Breast augmentation surgery is mostly performed if the breasts have an asymmetrical structure or if the breasts are sagging and have lost their volume due to severe weight loss. Moreover, transgender people prefer breast augmentation surgery. However, breast augmentation prices are also questioned.

Before breast augmentation

When people who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their breasts decide to have breast augmentation surgery, they should first discuss the size and appearance of the breast with a plastic surgeon. In line with the examinations performed, the types of implants appropriate to the person’s body contours and the techniques that will be used are transferred to the subjects.

Before surgery, it is necessary to avoid harmful habits and inform the doctor about the anticoagulants used. It is necessary to refrain from eating and drinking before the operation, that is, after 12 o’clock at night. This decision is made to prevent complications that may occur during surgery.

Breast augmentation preparation details

Before breast augmentation, all preparations for a successful procedure are completed and the patient is fully prepared for the surgery. The patient is sedated under general anesthesia for the procedure, which takes about an hour or two.

According to the preferred method, the procedure is started by inserting the type of implant to be used through an incision made. Within the scope of breast augmentation insurance, it is essential to be prepared for the costs of surgery and the tests that must be performed for this.

Types of fillers used in breast augmentation

Women who want to have fuller and larger breasts can have the right type of breast they desire through breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation is performed using implants or using fat taken from the body. There are two different types of implants for women who prefer to use silicone for breast augmentation surgeries.

One of them is Stalin’s transplant. Stalin’s implant contains a saline solution. This implant is first placed in the breast empty, and then filled with a saline solution. In silicone implants, the inside of the implant is filled with gel.

Before the operation, the gel inside the implant is filled first and then the implant is placed in the breast. Silicone gel is closer to the breast in terms of composition. They have the ability to better represent human adipose tissue. Breast augmentation prices are priced at different rates depending on the structure of the implant to be used.

What are the silicones used in breast augmentation?

Today, when the health conditions and opportunities are favourable, there are many silicone for breast surgeries. Silicone is commonly used as: round or drop silicone. In order to choose the silicone that fits perfectly to the chest wall, prostheses appropriate to its size and height are used. Breast augmentation prices may vary depending on the structural characteristics of silicone.

After breast augmentation

Breast swelling, bruising, or pain may be experienced after breast augmentation surgery. These will disappear over time. It is important to wear tight bandages and appropriate bras during the recovery period. You should use the medicines recommended by the doctor. Routine checkups after the procedure should be done on time. A physician should be consulted if any discomfort or infection occurs.

What are the results of breast augmentation?

The shape of the breast changes with the surgery being performed. Breasts of the required size increase the woman’s self-confidence. With breast surgery, body lines become more pronounced. Thus, women feel better with breast shapes that are suitable for their body curves and chest circumference.

breast augmentation prices

If the breasts, which symbolize the aesthetic structure and beauty of a woman, are small, this can have a profound effect on a woman. However, nowadays, it is possible to have a breast type that is suitable for body curves through breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation prices vary depending on the type of breast that the patient wants. In addition, breast augmentation prices vary depending on the experience of the chosen hospital and the plastic surgeon.