Breast lift

This surgery in Turkey plays a major role in the aesthetic appearance of the female body. Body lines become more visible thanks to erect and fuller breasts. Breast sagging is noticeable in women with age and birth rates.

However, with the operation performed today, the breast acquires the desired appearance within a few days.

During the operation, a successful operation is performed with small hidden scars, and the operation is completed with very little pain. the surgeries are very important for the body to become freer and more youthful. Therefore, it is necessary to perform breast surgery and get information about prices to bring sagging breasts back to their proper position again.

How is a breast lift done?

The surgery is a surgical procedure performed to return sagging breasts to their previous shape. During breast surgery, the downward-facing nipples are lifted upwards and excess skin is removed to keep the breasts erect. One of the important things to keep in mind during the operation is the large or small size of the breast.

If the breast is small, a silicone prosthesis is used, and if the breast is large, the excess breast tissue is removed. the surgeries that progress according to the patient’s condition are performed by experts.

Breast Lift

Who should raise their breasts?

The breast, which occupies an important place in the female body, loses its original shape over time. Structurally breast lift surgery is mostly performed for sagging breasts, large and drooping mammary glands, nursing mothers with saggy breasts after breastfeeding, breasts that droop after losing excess weight, and when the breasts begin to sag with age.

Sagging breasts lead to a lack of self-confidence in women. Therefore, with the development of technology, many women prefer this surgery. prices are determined after the examination.

Before the surgery

Prior to  surgery, a breast USG is performed with the accompaniment of the physician selected for the procedure. The path to be followed and the actions to be taken are outlined in line with these images. Before the procedure, patients should inform the doctor about any medications they are using, especially to stop taking anticoagulants 2-3 weeks before. Moreover, it is necessary to abandon harmful habits.

After breast lift surgery

Bandages are placed on the patient’s incision areas after the operation. Therefore, the patient should be careful and not take a shower for the first two days. It is important for the success of the surgery that you rest well at home and go to routine checkups on time.

It is necessary to use the sports bra recommended by the doctor for a certain period of time. The breasts begin to have an erection more than usual within one to two weeks. It takes 3 months to get the exact shape your breast lift surgery wants.

Is breastfeeding possible after breast lift surgery?

The breasts return to their previous healthy state with the strengthening of their tissues over time with the cosmetic operation. Therefore, pregnant women after breast lift surgery and childbirth can easily breastfeed their babies. Breast lift surgery does not affect how much women breastfeed. Milk ducts are protected during surgery. The function of a woman’s breastfeeding continues, especially in the breasts with slight sagging.

Can sagging occur again after breast lift surgery?

Permanent results are achieved with breast lift surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful after the surgery and to follow all the recommendations given by the doctor. However, with age, slight sagging of the breasts will occur. However, this laxity is not similar to the previous case of sagging breasts.

Does breast lift surgery remove all stretch marks from the breast?

With breast lift surgery, saggy breasts regain a straight appearance. Excess skin is removed during the procedure. Stretch marks and tears on this excess skin are surgically removed. However, these stretch marks and tears can only be removed from certain areas. In addition, stretch marks and tears in other parts of the breast cannot be removed with breast lift surgery.

Patients should consult their physician for all questions they have about breast lift and surgery pricing beforehand. Thus, more accurate information about the operation to be performed can be obtained. Moreover, patients act more consciously.

Do the signs that appear on the breast after a  bother a person?

Like any operation performed, scars appear on and under the breast after the surgery. Over time, these scars disappear and become unnoticeable. The complete disappearance of scars varies with the breast surgery to be performed and the defects in the shape of the breast. Specialists in this field prefer techniques that leave fewer scars to achieve the best aesthetic results in this surgery.

About prices

One of the issues that people who decide to have this surgery wonder about is the issue of prices. prices vary depending on the shape of the breast and the structure of the silicone prosthesis to be used.

Moreover, the surgeon, hospital, city in which the hospital is located, quality of implants used, and hospital services after surgery are effective in breast lift prices.