breast reduction turkey

Breast reduction in Turkey, an important detail of the female body, is gaining a more pleasant shape with mammoplasty. One of the biggest problems women with breasts face is that they grow and sag. This situation causes complaints in women. Excess breasts cause serious discomfort in the neck area as well as in the body.

Since breast size is a genetic problem, the breasts deform after the breastfeeding process with the number of births. Breast reduction surgery is a preferred surgical procedure due to the fact that the breasts are larger than normal and droop down. Breast reduction prices are set in line with the operation being performed.

How is breast reduction done?

Body growth must be completed before breast reduction surgery. During the procedure, First, the incision area is determined. Breast reduction begins in line with the size and structure of the breast. Excess fatty tissue is removed from the incision area.

During the procedure, progress is made carefully so as not to damage the patient’s tissues. Therefore, breast reduction operations take between 2 to 4 hours. During the reduction process, the person’s body contours are taken into consideration, the breasts are adapted to the body contours, and the breasts are adapted to the contours of the body.

Excess fatty tissue and skin are removed and the breast gets the desired shape. A breast lift can also be performed during the operation. Breast reduction prices vary according to a person’s physique.

Available methods

How the operation will be performed and the method to be used is determined by the medical professionals before the operation begins. Lollipop incision and inverted T-slit methods are used during application. Among these methods, the circumference of the nipple is cut in a circular motion and the excess fatty tissue is removed from this part with a pacifier incision.

In the method called T-incision, a T-shaped incision is made in the lower part of the breast. From here, excess fatty tissue is removed. During both available methods, a careful and diligent effort is made to prevent damage to the milk ducts in women. The methods and techniques used are also directly effective in prices.

Before the operation

Before starting the procedure, the health conditions of the patients should be suitable for surgery. Use of anticoagulants, if present, should be discontinued 3 weeks in advance. If the applicant for this surgery is a smoker, she should quit smoking.

Patients are notified of the prices and need to allocate a certain budget for breast reduction.

What are the risks?

The experience of the specialist doctor who will prefer this surgery is very effective for the success of the operation. There are no risks from the surgery if the doctor advances the procedure gradually and carefully and does not damage the milk ducts.

Does leave any scars after the operation?

Every surgery leaves traces, albeit partially. However, due to the use of automatic defrost for surgical sutures with contemporary technological features, they dissolve automatically over time. There is a possibility of scarring depending on the method and technique used after breast reduction surgery. However, these marks diminish in size to be practically neglected over time. Moreover, the number of incisions made during the operation may also affect the scars.

after breast reduction

Like any surgery, there are some challenges in breast reduction surgery. However, if the instructions given by the doctor after the operation are strictly followed and the examinations are carried out on time, there will be no problems.

Some swelling or edema may occur. But these will also pass by rest and recuperation. After surgery, you should definitely use a sports bra that does not compress the breasts and prevents the breasts from shaking. It is necessary to avoid harmful habits that affect cell renewal.

Is there a lot of pain after breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is performed in proportion to the size and sagging of the breast. The patient may feel pain and discomfort after the operation. Therefore, the doctor advises pain relief. All pain will go away with time.

Does breast reduction cause cancer?

First of all, surgery for an aesthetic and sensual appearance does not cause cancer. Conversely, because breast tissue at risk of developing cancer is removed with this procedure, the likelihood of developing breast cancer is reduced.

What should be considered after the Operation?

This surgery is a difficult and long-term operation. So patients need to rest for a week. Pain relievers are used for any aches or pains. The antibiotic prescribed by the doctor against the risk of infection is very effective. After the operation, the dressing should be done in the areas where the operation was performed against the risk of infection. In addition, it is necessary to avoid sudden movements and lifting heavy objects for a certain period. Edema or swelling may appear after the procedure, and these symptoms will improve over time.

About prices in Turkey

The prices for this operation, which are preferred for a healthy and beautiful appearance, are determined depending on the structural features of the breast. In addition,  prices are updated every year and are communicated to patients by clinics and doctors. The doctor’s experience, the condition of the assistant staff during the procedure, hospital services, and the structure of the city in which the hospital is located are effective in determining the final prices.