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Neck lift surgery

Sagging in the neck area gives people, whether they are overweight or underweight, an aged appearance. The sagging under the neck that people suffer from as a result of aging is removed by neck lift surgery. Neck sagging is one factor that increases the appearance of aging.

Sagging is not only caused by aging, people who gain and lose a lot of weight can also have sagging neck and sagging neck skin. Thanks to today’s technology, it is possible to eliminate this image with aesthetic problems. While sagging and sagging of the neck, which are common aesthetic problems in women, create problems from an aesthetic point of view, they also cause a sad and tired appearance.

How is neck lift surgery performed?

The operation is performed by opening an incision. The incision extends from the front of the ear to the earlobe and extends behind the ear. Excess sagging skin is removed by neck lift surgery, the incision is sutured, and an internal corset is placed on the neck. If there is an accumulation of excess fat in this incision, it can be removed by liposuction.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and is completed in operating room conditions within 5-6 hours. Neck lift surgery techniques vary and the appropriate treatment is entirely decided upon by the specialist. This condition, which also affects the prices of neck lift surgery, must be told about the patient during the examination.

Who is suitable for neck lift surgery?

The most suitable candidates for the operation are usually determined after the specialist’s examination. Neck lift surgery is generally needed as a result of a sagging neck. People with deformed neck muscles, sagging neck area, and sagging salivary glands are the best candidates. The suitability of the patient is determined in the examination of the specialist before the operation, and an appropriate treatment plan for the patient is determined during the examination.

This method of treatment is more suitable for people who are not old, but have excessive weight and sagging in the neck area. While the neck lift surgery prices vary according to the patient’s problems, it will also cause differences in the treatment that will be applied. Therefore, it is important to have information about neck lift surgery prices during the initial examination.

Things to consider before neck lift surgery?

As with every cosmetic procedure and surgery, it is important for individuals to inform the specialist and obtain detailed information. You must stop using anticoagulants before neck lift surgery and use medications regularly, if any, the doctor should be notified before the operation.

Since the long hair can help hide the scars of the operation, it is not recommended to cut the hair and must quit smoking before 3 weeks. Before deciding on the operation, you should obtain information about the prices of neck lift surgery. Negotiating the treatment process and prices for neck lift surgery will increase the effect of the treatment.

After neck lift surgery

A strainer is installed for one day after neck lift surgery, which provides an aesthetic improvement, prevents sagging and prevents fluid buildup. Ice should be applied as it speeds up healing.

The patient can be discharged from the hospital on the second day after surgery. It is important not to be exposed to the sun, and it is recommended to use sunscreens after neck lift surgery, which provide aesthetic improvement and prevent sagging, for at least 6 months. The individual who underwent a neck lift operation can shower two days after the operation and must wear sunglasses. Strenuous activities such as sex, hard work and sports should be avoided for at least two weeks. Patients can return to work within one week after the operation and will have a successful operation until this time and overcome the recovery period.

What are the risks of neck lift surgery?

As with any cosmetic procedure, risks arise during and after neck lift surgery. Initially, there is a possibility of bleeding and infection. In addition to these conditions, scarring, nerve damage, hair loss, and long-term effects can occur.

Minimizing the effects and complications is very important for health, and it is important that the operation be performed by a competent doctor in order to eliminate any side effects and risks. Depending on the patient’s suitability and the extent of the problems, the negative effects can be eliminated or minimized with the correct treatment method and if the neck lift surgery is performed by a medical professional under sterile conditions.

What neck lift surgery techniques are available?

Each surgery has a different technique that suits the patient. The appropriate surgical techniques for the patient in neck lift surgery are determined during the initial interview and examination.

Techniques used depending on the degree of abnormalities are surgical technique, non-surgical spider web aesthetics, superficial treatment, mesotherapy, prp applications, and covert treatment techniques.

Neck lift surgery prices

It is not permissible to give clear prices for neck lift surgery in surgeries and cosmetic procedures. In order to get information about the surgery and the operation, it is best to be checked by making an appointment and getting information about neck lift surgery prices at the decision stage after determining the correct treatment method and eligibility.

Criteria such as the surgical technique and treatment method used, the additional operations that will be applied to the patient, the expertise of the specialist doctor, and the quality of the center are among the criteria that influence the prices of neck lift surgery.