Our Clinic Vision

We seek to be one of the world’s leading centers in providing plastic surgery services of the highest quality and emphasizing ensuring the health and safety of the client.
We will achieve this through the skills and expertise of our medical staff, including specialized doctors who keep pace with scientific developments, and nurses who are dedicated to providing the best options and clinical care available to the client.

Our Clinic Mission

We, at Happiness Clinic, seek to meet the needs of our clients who wish to carry out plastic surgery, whether surgical or regular surgery, by providing comprehensive care to our client during the work stages, and providing all advanced procedures and modern technologies in treatment, in addition to achieving the values of care and attention.

Our Clinic Goals

Through our center we seek to:

  1. Providing integrated health services with the latest treatment technologies.
  2. Attracting highly qualified and experienced doctors and health care providers to work in our center.
  3. Ensure the quality of work and tools used in the work of our center.
  4. Ensuring the health and safety of our customers.
  5. Creating trust between us and the client, and between him and himself during and after the treatment.
  6. Follow up on all that is new in the field of work of our center, train our cadres, and provide them with the latest technologies and devices.
  7. Our Core Values.

A continuous quest to raise the value of the services provided in the center to our clients.
Selection of medical and administrative staff with experience in providing our services with the highest level of quality.
Motivating Workforce
Creating an attractive and stimulating work environment for the workforce to provide the best for our customers.
Aspire to achieve the highest standards of distinction in providing plastic surgical services.
Accountability and transparency
To be accountable to the community for providing our services with high quality, through a transparent accountability system that monitors health-related decision-making and ensures the results of its outputs.
Ensuring the health and safety of our customers and our medical staff as well.
Maintaining a respectful work environment among its staff, and exchanging it with the client.
Ensuring the provision of health care and attention to customers in all the details that guarantee their safety and comfort.



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