Penile aesthetics are performed as surgical interventions to increase penis length and function and are common practices among individuals. Penile aesthetics in general are interventions that are done to correct the dysfunctions and make sure that the problem is reduced to the required level in which different techniques are used.

Penile aesthetics prices vary depending on the procedure performed and the problem that occurred. It is important to be examined by a specialist to obtain clear information about the aesthetic pricing of the penis.

Application of fat transfer to penis

Fat transfer is one of the most used methods among cosmetic applications. Apart from penis aesthetics, it is also widely used in aesthetic applications for skin rejuvenation, improvement and volume. Since the application does not result in an allergic reaction, the fat is safely transferred in penis beauty applications to thicken the penis and increase the size. Since no external substance is injected for fat transfer applications, penis aesthetics cost is reasonable.

After applying the fat transfer to the penis

After application, the penis area is wrapped and tightened. The specialist doctor advises the patient to avoid sexual intercourse for a few days after penile aesthetics. At the end of the recovery period, the patient is advised to apply PRP between 1-3 sessions in order to get a stronger result.

PRP application on the penis

The applications of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are in non-surgical cosmetic procedures for the penis. This application not only affects the volume, but also ensures a strong erection. The application is done by injecting the patient’s stem cells into the penis, which helps the success of the penis aesthetics procedure.

After applying PRP to the penis

It is a penis cosmetic application that enables the patient to return to social life immediately and does not cause any side effects because it is made with the help of the patient’s own stem cells. It is important to avoid sexual intercourse for a day or two after application. Medical professionals recommend PRP in the form of 3 sessions within 6 months. The cost of PRP applications is not included in the price of penis aesthetics.

Penile lengthening surgeries

Fat transfer applications are among the most popular treatment methods for penis lengthening applications. While lengthening the penis, it also helps the patient to show a high performance in his sexual life by increasing its thickness at the same time. Having repeatable applications increases the duration of the procedure and it is helpful to prefer safe penis aesthetics procedures.

Penis Thickening Surgeries

A penis that is thinner than normal causes not only psychological anxiety in a person, but also sexual problems. Penis augmentation, which is a cosmetic procedure for the penis, is now performed using fat injections and fillers. Penile aesthetics prices vary depending on the treatment to be applied.

Penis aesthetics prices

The technique and treatment methods for the procedures that are applied on the penis vary depending on the patient’s problems. These conditions, which cause differences in terms of the aesthetic price of the penis, are also important in terms of the doctor’s experience and treatment methods that vary depending on the extent of the problems. In order to obtain information about the aesthetic prices of the penis, it is very important that it be examined to correctly convey expectations and determine the correct treatment method.

Frequently asked questions about penis aesthetics

Most people have general questions about cosmetic and surgical interventions, and if these questions are answered, a decision can be made in favor of the operation. Questions are often asked such as whether penile aesthetics can be repeated, whether problems will occur, when intercourse can occur, and whether it is painful. To get clear information and detailed information about penile aesthetics prices, a specialist consultation is required.

Is it a repeat surgery?

In general, penile aesthetics, which are solutions to problems with erection, length and size in men, are repeatable and can be repeated in cases where their effects diminish at the end of the recovery period determined by the specialist.

Will I have erectile or urinary tract problems?

The procedure does not adversely affect sexual life, urinary tract or erection. The urinary tract is completely protected and the procedure does not entail any negative effect.

When can I have intercourse?

Detailed information required after the application is submitted by the competent physician and abstinence from sex for 2-3 weeks is the best practice.

Will my partner realize that I had such an operation?

Due to the application of different treatment methods such as fat injection or PRP application, people can return to their social life immediately because there are no suture scars and therefore no evidence of the procedure to be observed.

Is it a painful procedure?

Since it is an injection procedure and is performed with local anesthetic creams when necessary, there is no feeling of pain during or after the procedure.

How big will my penis be?

If the treatment method, which varies by application, is applied by fat injection, an extension of up to 16-17 cm can be observed. However, it is very normal for the thickness to decrease over time. Therefore, penis enlargement surgeries, one of the procedures that men often prefer, are usually the choice of those geeks who want to have a bigger penis. There may be localized pain from time to time. Therefore, regular examinations are necessary. The specialist doctors will help perform the necessary procedures to deal with any complications.