It is possible to obtain the desired body in a short time with post bariatric surgery applications that can be applied in many different parts of the body. Post bariatric surgery applications, which many people choose, can be safely preferred because of their positive results in a short time.

Individuals who are overweight in daily life for many different reasons experience sagging skin on many parts of their body due to sudden excessive weight loss. In particular, patients in the obese group have an unattractive appearance on their body due to weight loss.

Effective weight loss

Regardless of the methods used during the weight loss phase, sagging will occur in the areas without skin. Post bariatric surgery applications are preferred for individuals who want a new look with the body they want. As a result of these surgical applications, which can also be called body shaping applications and processes, it is possible for every patient to have the smooth body they want.

What is post bariatric surgery?

Overweight people can experience many different deformities that occur under the skin due to being overweight and post bariatric surgery applications are used as a solution. Many different skin problems, especially stretch marks, are among the common problems for people who are overweight. These disorders appear not only in one part of the body but in almost every part of the body.

Excess fat accumulated in the abdominal area in particular causes the appearance of a fold in this area over time. Therefore, the most prominent area in losing weight is the abdominal area. With post-bariatric surgery applications applied in problem areas, it is possible to obtain the desired flawless and smooth skin structure on every part of the body, especially in the abdominal area.

General application to the body

Post bariatric surgery applications are operations that are applied all over the body in many cases and require many applications. Therefore, patients cannot be expected to undergo all operations in one day. With the evaluation of the joint performed with the doctors of surgery and plastic surgery, a procedure is programmed for the patient and all applications progress under this program.

With formulations specially created for each patient, it is possible to manage this process with ease and comfort. Many different applications such as facelifts, breast lifts, butt lifts, tummy tucks in the back and waist area, and leg lifts can be performed within the scope of applications performed in a specific order.

What do you do after treatment

In post-bariatric surgery applications that are preferred for use throughout the body, patients may need to stay in the health center for a certain period of time. If successive procedures are required in the treatments performed according to the program, patients can stay in the hospital for a few days. Otherwise, patients can be discharged from the hospital on the same day in topical applications after bariatric surgery.

In cases where the post-bariatric surgery applications that cover the entire body are performed in a natural order, the patient is allowed a certain period of recovery time between the procedures performed locally. It is also possible to treat all parts of the body by following the patient’s healing process.

Post bariatric surgery prices

Post-obesity plastic surgery applications are operations that can be applied in many hospitals today. These operations, which do not have any side effects, can be safely preferred in this sense. Due to the ease of the treatment and recovery process, every patient who suffers from sagging in his body for many different reasons is a suitable candidate for these operations. Everyone who has reached puberty and has complaints about their body can benefit from these treatments by applying to health centers.

In post-bariatric surgery applications, patients in the slimming process are examined for a period of time and followed up for a period. These applications are delayed in patients whose slimming process continues and the patient must lose all of his excess weight first. Patients who have stopped losing weight and can maintain the same weight for 6 months become ready candidates for these applications.

What to do in case of excessive weight loss

Extremely rapid and excessive weight loss causes unintended sagging of the body. Post bariatric surgery applications are applied to every area where sagging occurs and the applied procedure is very durable. As long as patients remain at the same average weight after receiving bariatric surgery, they can have these results permanently. However, if patients gain weight again, it is inevitable that sagging will appear in the body. In this case, with the stabilization of the weight level, it is necessary to receive a post-bariatric surgery service again.

Communication with health institutions

It is necessary to contact health institutions for more detailed information about post-bariatric surgery applications that can be applied in almost every part of the body and for pricing information. These operations, which are obligatory in some cases, may give preference to individuals in some cases. At this point, applications deemed necessary may be covered under insurance coverage in some health institutions.

However, it is possible to opt for subsequent bariatric surgery applications for a certain fee by going to private institutions. Individuals can get the right price and detailed information from the health institutions by making the necessary decision before choosing these applications. Health institutions should be contacted for detailed information on post-bariatric surgery pricing and the application process.