The condition that appears when the ear bends forward is among the problems that cause social and psychological problems in people. Salient ear surgery is among the highly sought after cosmetic procedures today as a solution to the prominent ear condition and the problems it causes.

A practical and safe solution without hearing problems is provided with this procedure as the outer part of the ears is intervened. Protruding ears are an aesthetic problem to be considered, especially as they can cause severe traumatic problems in childhood.

What are the prominent ears?

Known as pitcher ears, this condition is a deformity caused by the ears protruding forward. Deformity caused by insufficient ear folds and sagging ear cartilage ends with prominent ear surgery. This deformity, which usually appears in both ears, can sometimes appear in only one ear.

Although women can disguise this aesthetic problem with their hair, it causes serious aesthetic concerns in men. The resulting psychological problems are usually eliminated by simple and safe prominent ear surgery and people’s self-confidence is restored.

Who is a candidate for prominent ear surgery?

This is an operation that can be safely performed for anyone who is not satisfied with the shape of their ears and causes aesthetic concerns. After the examination, the suitability of the candidate is determined by a specialist doctor and prominent ear surgery is easily performed with the help of a simple technique. The age of operation is set as 5 years for children of preschool age. Since this aesthetic problem in childhood will cause problems in school age, it should not be postponed because it will cause psychological problems.

When should prominent ear surgery be performed?

Since the prominent ear problems faced by children, such as deformity, can affect the school-aged child, it has been found that it is best to perform the operation in the preschool period and the minimum age set by experts for prominent ear surgery is 5.

The operation performed at the right time and with the right techniques aims to restore the lost self-confidence and save the person from the psychological problems that he will face in his later years. The timing will play a role in determining how the operation will be performed and will help explain the outstanding ear surgery prices.

Can prominent ear surgery be done for adults?

Experts stress the need for appropriate adult ear surgery as soon as it is first noticed. Medical professionals have stated that people are social and that their psychosocial interests will cause problems as they get older and that the ideal age is 4-5 years.

The suitability of the person should be determined by making an appointment with a center, as the way the procedure is performed will result in differences in prices for prominent ear surgery.

Prominent causes of the ear

A prominent ear problem, which is generally a congenital problem that depends on genetic factors, can cause aesthetic problems in an individual. It appears as a problem that runs in the family because of the high probability that children of parents with prominent ears will also have the same problem. Protruding ears are caused by conditions such as wide ear angle, loose ear cartilage, and flat ear lobes, and can be eliminated with protruding ear surgery.

Prominent time to recover from ear surgery

The prominent prices of ear surgery and the recovery process are some of the things that people often wonder about. Notable ear surgery is a very practical treatment method for those who wish to continue their normal lives. People can return to their daily lives after the operation performed under local anesthesia and continue their lives without interruption.

A recovery period of 1-2 weeks is sufficient for people after the operation without stitches. The important point is to increase the success of the operation by protecting the ears from external influences. After prominent ear surgery, the appearance of prominent ears, which is an aesthetic problem for people, is eliminated, a completely natural appearance is obtained and the person regains his self-confidence. The way the operation is performed is an important factor in determining the recovery time, and information about the prominent ear surgery prices should be obtained.

Prominent ear surgery in children

Prominent ear, an aesthetic problem seen in children, is generally resolved with rubber bands recommended by a medical professional and there is no need for prominent ear surgery at a later age. If this operation is missed, the operation can be performed by a specialist after the examination, usually this is at a preschool age of 4-5.

In this period when ear development is complete, children undergoing surgery have a healthy educational life. Pediatric ear surgery is more cost-effective than adult ear surgery.

Outstanding prices for ear surgery

The operation performed on the prominent ear is very simple and safe and eliminates the aesthetic problems that occur in people which raises questions about the cost of prominent ear surgery.

First of all, many factors, especially the condition of the center and the condition of the patient, have an impact on the cost of prominent ear surgery, which should be performed by a specialized and experienced doctor.

Examination before the operation is necessary to get accurate information from a medical professional because the cost will be affected by issues such as whether one or both ears are operated on, whether there is a need to find solutions to other problems, and factors such as anesthesia techniques.