Today, it is the most common and widely demanded surgical procedure among people as gastric bypass surgeries. Sleeve gastrectomy, which aims to reduce the stomach, is performed by reducing the stomach into the shape of a banana. These are surgeries that are performed using laparoscopy in parallel with advanced technology aimed at reducing food intake for the stomach. The patient is informed of the prices of the gastric sleeve operation, in addition to the necessary details about the operation.

How long does gastric sleeve surgery take?

Sleeve gastrectomy, which is a surgical procedure, is done in 1.5 hours. The specialist can prescribe the gastric bypass surgery, which appears to be a long-term process, by telling him not only its low risks, but also informing the patient about the minimum or maximum side effects. It is very important that the patient, who meets the criteria set for the operation, undergoes the surgical procedure that is performed in a sterile operating room by a specialist doctor. The prices for gastric sleeves, which take 1.5 hours, vary and it is important that the procedure be performed by experienced and specialized doctors.

What is the most frequently performed gastric sleeve operation?

Gastric bypass surgeries are generally performed in two types. The first and most common type of surgery is the sleeve gastrectomy and it has been applied to many patients for more than 15 years. Another treatment method that is suitable for weight loss and patients is gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass is gastric bypass surgery performed on people with type 2 diabetes who have had gastric bypass surgery and have regained weight. Depending on how these operations are performed, gastric sleeve prices will also vary. It is very necessary to meet with a specialist doctor and the center where the operation will be performed to know the prices of gastric sleeve.

Who is a candidate for gastric bypass surgery?

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery, which is performed to reduce the stomach, is generally applied to patients who are approved by experts based on their BMI, and this indicator is useful for people over 40 kg, that is, people who are obese. Its application in people with type 2 diabetes, obesity and metabolic disorder gives positive results.

What is the maximum age for gastric bypass surgery?

In general, gastric bypass surgery can be performed on anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 years and who meets the criteria set by experts. According to the criteria set by the World Health Organization, anyone with a body mass index over 35 years old and anyone of appropriate age can undergo gastric sleeve surgery.

Is gastric sleeve surgery dangerous?

As with any surgery, there are risks and risks in sleeve gastrectomy. Although the risks of gastric sleeve surgery, which is a surgical procedure, vary with the quality of the materials and the doctor’s experience, they are generally not serious. It is necessary to pay attention to the nutrition program and diet for the first 20 days after the operation. There may be a risk of leakage in the first two months, and expert control is important for this.

Can gastric bypass surgery be performed on anyone with weight problems?

Anyone with type 2 diabetes who is obese, that is, a BMI of over 40, can be treated. Whether or not a weight problem meets these criteria should be determined through expert examination, and gastric sleeve surgery should be performed on suitable patients.

Who is not recommended to undergo gastric bypass surgery?

It can be applied to anyone whose standards comply with the values ​​defined by the World Health Organization. Sleeve gastrectomy surgery, which is performed safely for people whose health is negatively affected by weight problems, has risks, as with every surgery, there are operations that need attention. It is possible to reduce the risks if the sleeve gastrectomy is performed by a specialist doctor under operating room conditions.

How much weight can he lose thanks to gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve operations, which are very effective in weight loss, make patients lose 60% of their weight in 5 years. The process works in direct proportion to the weight. Patients should take vitamin and mineral supplements after gastric sleeve operations and carry out their operations in a healthy manner. In general, people who have had gastric sleeve surgery lose an average of 25-30 kg within 4 months. This depends on the diet to be applied and the person’s metabolism.

People who have had a stomach operation should pay attention to the examinations of a dietician and specialist doctors and should be closely monitored. Considering the lost weight, it is important for people to go for the healthy procedure without any doubt about the prices of the gastric sleeve.

Can weight gain occur again?

The most important reason for performing the tests is to prevent patients from regaining weight after the operation. Since people who regain their weight may require different operations, it is helpful to have it under the control of a medical professional. The fact that the patient is under the control of the doctor after the operation for life reduces situations that may put his health at risk.

Gastric sleeve surgery prices

Sleeve gastrectomy, which is widely preferred by overweight people today, causes changes in terms of gastric sleeve surgery prices depending on some criteria. It should not be forgotten that performing the operation in a good center and by a trusted doctor should be the primary consideration before considering gastric sleeve prices. First of all, it is necessary to carry out an examination and get acquainted with the competent doctor about how the operation is going in order to obtain information about the prices of gastric sleeves.