Many women who care about their aesthetic appearance want to have a tight and fit body. This makes the woman very happy both psychologically and physically. Thigh lift surgery can be ordered with the accumulation of fat and sagging associated with aging. The groin area, called the top of the leg, can look less than great as a result of rapid weight gain and loss and sagging and sagging skin after pregnancy.

It is possible to apply the current technology to the thighs for a more fit appearance because a bad appearance will not benefit anyone. Laser lipolysis procedures can be used to tighten thighs if excess skin and sagging are not advanced. However, sagging can be transformed into the desired shape through thigh lift surgery. The prices for thigh lift surgery are determined by the physical appearance of the patient.

How is thigh lift surgery done?

The areas to be tightened must be determined before the procedure. The operation usually begins with an incision in the inner thigh. Sometimes the surgeon may prefer to make an incision in the outer thigh or bikini area. Initially, thigh lift surgery is performed by removing excess skin.

The stitches that are made in leg lift surgery are done without damaging the tissues so that they are not noticeable. Therefore, patients do not need to feel any concern in this regard. Leg lift surgery prices depend on the operations performed on the patient’s request.

Who is suitable for leg lift surgery?

The legs must be tight and appropriate to obtain an aesthetic and streamlined appearance. Therefore, thigh lift surgery is preferred by women of advanced age, and women who have given birth and have sagging as a result of rapid weight gain and loss. In addition, the hygienic conditions of the patients should be suitable for a thigh lift operation. Prices for thigh lift surgery are suitable for patients with a certain budget.

Before leg lift surgery

Before a thigh lift, interviews and physical examinations are conducted between the patient and the specialist. In addition, blood tests and lipid profiles are determined. Among the topics discussed before surgery are how the procedure will be done, where the incisions will be made and what types of procedures will be within the scope of the surgery.

Patients should inform their physician of any medications they are using prior to surgery and should stop taking anticoagulants 3 weeks in advance. Before applying the procedure, patients should be informed of the prices for thigh lift surgery.

After leg lift surgery

After surgery, patients should pay attention to get proper rest for the healthy healing process. You must follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. It is necessary to avoid sudden movements and to keep the legs above the level of the heart for a certain period of time.

Considerations for those who underwent leg lift surgery?

Patients who have undergone a thigh lift operation should avoid showering for two days after the surgery. The compression stockings recommended by your doctor should be worn for a certain period of time. These socks not only prevent the legs from swaying but also speed up the healing process. Walking and harmful habits should be avoided for a period after the operation.

leg lift prices

Determining the price of a thigh lift operation before the procedure is difficult because it depends on the physical condition of the patient, and liposuction procedures that are necessary with the removal of excess skin during surgery are also included in the price of a thigh lift. surgery. The price of thigh lift surgery is rising in parallel with the increase in the number of operations. Hospital services, doctor’s expertise can be deciding factors in the price.

What is the success rate of leg lift surgery?

Thigh lift surgery, which is currently very popular, is preferred by both men and women. The success rate of this operation is very high. Preferred doctors and the recovery process for the procedure are also important factors in the success of the operation.

Will the legs sag again after surgery?

Some fat cells are removed during surgery, and some remain. Therefore, the cells that produce fat continue to function in the body. If people take this into account, dangerous fat accumulation and sagging can be avoided. However, laxity can be encountered with age.

Are leg lift operations performed in state hospitals?

Thigh lift surgery can be performed in both government hospitals and private clinics. This is entirely up to the patient’s preference. Patients who do not want to wait in line at a government hospital prefer private facilities.

Does SSI cover leg lift surgery?

While many surgeries are covered by SSI, cosmetic surgeries are not included in SSI coverage. Patients must be notified of the price of thigh lift surgery and the fee paid by the patient.

Is inner thigh lift surgery risky?

There are a number of risks with every surgery. However,  is one of the least risky procedures and has a high success rate.

Is surgery required after a leg lift?

If the patients who have undergone a thigh lift operation are keen to gain weight, they will not need any other operations.

Does the surgery leave scars?

The Operation has a high success rate and a low possibility of scarring. Even if you look closely at people who have had this surgery, no scars will appear. Therefore, patients should definitely not worry about this. Since it is preferable to dissolve the stitches, removing the stitches after the operation is not a problem.