Hair transplant in Turkey

The hair transplant procedure is one of the most desirable cosmetic procedures today for both men and women. Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting hair from the area of ​​the neck, arms, legs, and chest that is resistant to hair loss to the areas where hair has been lost using special techniques.

Hair from the back of the neck is given priority in hair transplantation.

Since the hair here is not sensitive to the hormone DHT, this loss is more difficult. Similarly, hair transplantation is performed for women who suffer from hair loss in the same way.

Women often prefer hair transplantation, albeit rarely, due to hair loss or lack of self-confidence and its negative effects on their social life.

It is one of the typical operations that physicians perform in a sterile operating room environment and requires teamwork. Therefore, hair transplantation is not a simple process.

Hair transplant prices may vary depending on the experience and knowledge of the doctor who will perform the procedure and hospital conditions.

hair transplant

How is hair transplantation done?

Different methods of hair transplantation were used in the past… However, two methods are commonly used today. FUT and FUE are two methods that are frequently applied to hair transplantation. The FUT method is performed by taking the hairy part in the form of a strip from the back of the neck and implanting it in the balding area.

The rate of preference for this method has decreased significantly in recent years because it leaves visible scars and stitch marks. The preference rate also decreased because the margin of error for hairline adjustment is higher in this method. In the FUE method, hair follicles, defined as grafts consisting of three or four strands of hair, are removed using special techniques and transplanted to the area affected by hair loss.

This process takes longer because all the grafts are taken one by one, and it requires more care and diligence than the previously applied methods. People highly prefer this method because there are no scars or surgical scars. The FUE method requires a lot of time and energy, which makes the price of hair transplantation higher than other methods.

hair transplant
hair transplant

Preparing for a hair transplant

People who are going to undergo hair transplantation should take a temporary break from some habits. People who exercise regularly and want to perform hair transplantation will first take a break from sports a week before the operation because this will reduce the possibility of bleeding during the hair transplantation process. People using injections or anticoagulant medications should interrupt these medications at least 1 week before the procedure for best results.

The success rate of the hair transplant operation will increase if the potential patient stops using alcohol and cigarettes before the operation and undergoes the blood tests required by the doctor who will perform the hair transplant operation.

hair transplant
hair transplant
hair transplant

Basic stages of hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is carried out according to some rules before and after the operation. Initially, hair analysis, blood tests, and haircuts are planned, and the frontal hairline is determined. Then, local anesthesia is applied to collect the grafts and open the grooves in the places where the hair will be implanted. The collected grafts are inserted into these grooves at appropriate angles, which completes the operation. To get healthy hair, some rules must be followed after hair transplantation.

Before a hair transplant

Detailed preparation must be done before hair transplantation. It is necessary to pay attention to things such as the suitability of the hospital or center or the experience of the doctor who will perform the hair transplant operation, which is done to treat hair loss before hair transplantation.

Hair transplant centers

Choosing the right center that will perform a hair transplant is the first step toward a hair transplant. A physician must be a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and have surgical skills. It is possible to encounter serious health problems because the hair transplant center does not have the necessary legal permits from the Ministry of Health and emergency response devices.

After a hair transplant

By sleeping on your back and avoiding sports and sexual activities three days after hair transplantation, you will achieve beneficial results in the formation of healthy hair. Refraining from entering the sea or swimming pool, showering for the first three days, and avoiding activities that cause the scalp to sweat is the key to healthy hair transplantation. You must do the first hair wash in the hospital to ensure a successful hair transplant.

Operation results.

Hair transplantation is a process that requires experience and surgical proficiency. In this regard, the choice of the hair transplant center and the doctor directly affects the results of hair transplantation. A doctor with experience and knowledge will make hair transplants look more natural and beautiful.

Anatomical features, hair characteristics, method of application, genetic factors, and factors such as personal care and nutrition after transplantation are factors that affect the success of hair transplantation.

Hair transplants in Istanbul

Since hair transplantation is performed by many people, it can be applied all over our country. In Istanbul, where population density and technological developments are closely followed, there are many experienced centers for hair transplantation.

Transplant review

People who want to perform hair transplantation determine the method of application and the choice of the center. They do this by taking into account the experiences and comments of people who have performed this procedure before. The before and after photos allow them to get an idea of ​​the success of the center and the doctor.

The operating prices for 2022

The hair transplant procedure is an operation that has a certain cost. Therefore, hair transplant prices are one of the main issues that people who are about to undergo hair transplantation are looking at. Hair transplant prices vary according to the amount and level of hair loss, the experience of the doctor who will perform the transplant, the number of follicles to be applied, and the application center.

hair transplant
hair transplant