Zirconium Veneer Turkey

Turkish zirconium veneers, teeth not only functionally perform the process of grinding and breaking down food in the digestive system, but also determine the ability to speak clearly. In addition, teeth are the first noticeable feature of our face and have an important place in defining facial features and complementing the face.

In particular, smile design is a very important factor in the formation of facial aesthetics. With smile design, patients get more natural, more beautiful and healthier teeth. Dental aesthetics is applied when there is an abnormal tooth color or teeth of different sizes.

Dental coatings are made in three ways with current technology. They are manufactured as metallic, ceramic and zirconium veneer coatings. Among these applications, zirconium, which gives teeth a natural and aesthetic appearance, is preferred.

Zirconium, a pure, white metal, is processed and turned into zirconia ceramics, a dental coating made without metal and any supportive assembly. Zirconium veneer prices vary from person to person.

Who can perform zirconium veneers?

Zirconium veneers can be applied to all age groups after permanent teeth are formed. It is not recommended to use zirconium veneers until the age of 16-18 because of the possibility of other problems later, as changes in the structure of the teeth and jaw occur. Otherwise, it is an application that people who want to have a beautiful smile and an aesthetic dental structure can easily get it. Zirconium veneers prices depend on the structural characteristics of the tooth.

What are the advantages of zirconium veneers?

The material is similar to natural teeth and does not contain metal, it transmits light and in parallel gives an aesthetic mouth structure. Zirconium veneers, which perfectly harmonize in texture, do not change their color in the future. Zirconium veneers, which are well cared for and clean, have been used for many years without any problems.

In addition, it has many advantages in that there will be no odor formation and taste change in the mouth. Given these advantages, the prices for zirconium veneer are mostly secondary. In addition, the application, which has a soft structure, prevents the formation of plaque and feels like original teeth.

Those who have zirconium veneers

As an application, zirconium veneers can be easily made to anyone, who attach importance to dental aesthetics. Thanks to its insulating structure, it provides great comfort to the user by eliminating sensitivity to heat and cold.

Looking at the comments of the dentists who provided the application and the people who did it, it was concluded that the procedure exceeds expectations. Creates a matte appearance in porcelain lacquer because it is light-resistant. Zirconium veneer application provides a more vibrant and natural look due to its low permeability.

Although people who have this app are generally satisfied, some negatives and pain may occur due to app errors. The prices of zirconium veneers vary according to the structure of the teeth to be treated and the experience of the doctor who performs the preparation.

zirconium veneer prices

Zirconium is produced in a laboratory using computer technology in an almost flawless manner. This application, which can be used for many years, is naturally different from porcelain and other applications due to the prices of zirconium veneers. Zirconium veneers, the first step in aesthetic smile design, make them the natural choice for many people. Zirconium veneers prices vary according to the hospital and the provinces in which the application is submitted.

Is zirconium compatible with gums?

Zirconium veneer is more gum-compatible than porcelain and metal veneer. In addition, the bruising and darkening of the gums, which occur in other applications, do not occur in the application of zirconium veneers. Incompatible applications with the gums result in receding gums and an aesthetically unattractive mouth structure. Zirconium enables smiling, healthy digestive and speech function for many years in perfect harmony with the mouth.

Will zirconium teeth change color in the future?

Due to its slippery structure, zirconium veneer prevents plaque formation and does not change color. Since there is no chromatic formation in the consumption of tea, coffee, cigarettes or food items, it has positive effects on people psychologically. The price of zirconium veneers is affected by their versatility, which allows them to be applied to teeth of different colors.

How do you take care of zirconium veneer?

The brushing process, which we do routinely twice a day, continues with the application of zirconium veneers. Any problems after zirconium veneer coating are identified in a routine doctor’s examination 6 months after the veneer is installed and measures should be taken to eliminate them. Regular teeth cleaning is done easily with this app.

How long can zirconium teeth be used?

Zirconium veneers, which are regularly maintained and controlled, can be used for many years without any problems.

Is tooth damage when zirconium needs to be replaced?

A doctor who decides to change the application of zirconium cuts the zirconium. Therefore, any loss of dental tissue, pain and discomfort is not a problem. Zirconium can be applied again by replacing the previous veneer with veneers of new sizes and desired color. The installation of porcelain veneers or other applications depending on the circumstances depends on the decision of the doctor.

How are zirconium veneers applied?

Dental veneers made of metal abutments require tooth reduction and serious tissue loss occurs. Dental tissue loss is less in porcelain applications. After the miniature teeth are healthy, zirconium veneers are produced in a laboratory setting by taking precise measurements using special equipment.

These zirconium veneers are bonded to perfectly adapt to the tooth by means of special adhesives. When viewed from the outside, it is difficult to distinguish it from the tooth. 

Who can get zirconium veneers?

Zirconium veneers can be applied to anyone of any age who has permanent teeth, regardless of gender. The treatment, which lasts for a week, is in the form of an initial measurement and application. Zirconium veneers prices vary depending on the person who will get the application and the dental structure in the area of ​​application.

Do zirconium veneers have any drawbacks?

Zirconium veneers have many advantages over other applications. However, it is a more expensive app as compared to other apps. People who have zirconium applied by inexperienced and incompetent dentists suffer financial and non-financial damages.